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Rectify’s season two finale airs tonight on Sundance.

We can’t be together
Is there a God Daniel?
           I want to dance with you, will you dance with me D a n i e l ?

‘Rectify’ renewed for third season | EW

Sometimes your voice is not enough.

Title: Beekeeper
Artist: Keaton Henson
Played: 42 times

I’ve lived in this world for some time Amantha and one thing I’ve learnt it’s not fair and it i’s not just. The world is absurd.


RECTIFY DAY! (& the honorable woman!)


RECTIFY DAY! (& the honorable woman!)

The penultimate episode of Rectify’s second season airs tonight.

"The only time that I’ve ever felt okay

was when I was with you.”

Why Rectify Needs a 3rd Season


I fell in love with Rectify after viewing its first season due to its artistry, its complexity and its genuine and honest depiction of human beings, the southeastern United States and how people who are sentenced to death row are treated; much less how they might be viewed if released. It’s a show that gracefully depicts many aspects of Southern US life without judging culture, worldviews or religious beliefs while also being politically and socially objective.

One of the key things I’ve noted in the crossover from S1 to S2 has been the change in Daniel’s flashbacks to prison. In S1, we mostly saw his interactions with Kerwin, who was in the cell to his right. He was, in the most basic sense, the person who encouraged Daniel to live,  even in the face of potential execution. As the second season has unfolded, we’ve seen Daniel face many of his demons as he tries to acclimate to the modern world after so many years of isolation. His memory of Kerwin passed on early in the season, which compares to his loss of Kerwin to execution while Daniel was still in lockup.

As Daniel’s arc has progressed throughout Season 2, and they’ve focused his dreamy prison flashbacks to the prisoner on his left, I’ve noticed a less than subtle emphasis on the “Angel and Devil on the shoulder trope.” Both seasons have emphasized the idea of Daniel not knowing who to listen to, how to cope with drastically changing circumstances, and, above all, a confusion over who he is as a free man, what part he may have played in the crime he confessed to and was sentenced to death for, and how his release (and potential re-incarceration) affects the people around him,

With only two episodes left in S2 and no word yet of a renewal for S3… Gotta get the word out. This show needs another season. There’s nothing like it on US television, right now.